IOP Political Achievement Awards

This meeting of the IOP City Council is called to order . . . Coming shortly - more Politics & Other Scandals reviewed. IOPDAILY
Awards described below
~ Nominees to be announced 

Suggestions to:

The “Here I’ll Take My Stand” Award – Nominees in this hotly contested category will be revealed shortly. The council member pictured above demonstrates his technique for taking a stand on important Island issues as
rental property excesses, tourist parking aggravations and so on.
*Note:  Evidence of critical thinking skills can disqualify
a nominee in this category, albeit a most unlikely occurrence.

The “FISCAL WHOOPEE CUSHION” Award for the genuinely comedic expressions of fantasy demonstrated during Council’s recent budget debates. Talent is not lacking here either – if one enjoys amateur karaoke.

The “YOUR LIPS ARE MOVING AGAIN” Award  Successful nominees for this award must show aptitude for detecting changes in wind direction
then quickly re-directing their own air-flow in response.
Another crowded field of contenders.

**Note:  Award categories below have been suggested by readers:

*The “LIFETIME UNDER-ACHIEVER” Award” – a possible shoo-in category

* The “TRASH CARTS IN THE SUN” Award or,
Rest in Peace ~ Dear Livability Ordinance 

– for perfectly lousy attention to neighborhood “livability” concerns.
The Cameron Blvd resident who suggested this award, said
“City Hall’s enforcement of the ordinance is a bigger joke
than anything on this page.”
She suggests we rename it the ‘Laugh-ability Ordinance.’

* And, there are several other suggestions we’re seeking the nerve to post . . .

Additional categories will be added – the competition is fierce.

. . .  buckle up!


Island Values . . .

  TRUTH OF THE DAY “You can see a lot by just watching” Casey Stengel 

SNAPSHOT:  The Tourist Rental Business – 2013
Goose or Albatross – who profits, who doesn’t?

Members of the Island’s rental business lobby, well represented on City Council, have famously asserted that tourist rentals are “the goose that laid the golden egg for IOP” and, even more famously, that “they are the best thing to ever happen on the Isle of Palms.”

Are those bold pronouncements anything more than self-interested marketing pitches?  If so, this ‘best thing to ever happen’ ought to be obvious to all and gratefully applauded by the homeowner resident community, yes?

One has to ask, is the increasingly transient character of IOP neighborhoods a ‘golden egg’ for which residents should be grateful?  (If gratitude is not the emotion you experience, you aren’t alone).        Continue Reading . . .  

IOP Politics: General Principles

TRUTH OF THE DAY Truth is in the Mind of the Believer!

1.  Campaign Kick-off Announcements 101:
When a candidate announces that he’s running for office because of a desire to “give back . . .”  We should announce our intent to apply tar & feathers.  Giving back in political-speak usually occurs only after one is found to have converted campaign funds into personal use – and then, the ‘giving’ is at the behest of the SC Ethics Commission.  CONTINUE READING  


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