Isle of Palms Elections – 2013

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30% of IOP’s registered voters braved near-perfect weather

conditions to vote in this election.  Total votes cast – 1,175
(All terms are 4-years – through end of 2017)


* DICK CRONIN:   645  ( 55% of Votes Cast )
RYAN BUCKHANNON:   530  ( 45% of Votes Cast )

* Council Members Elected 2013:
………………………………………………………… ( See:  The Candidates )

 * Vote Certified by Charleston County Elections Commission - Nov 8, 2013

Buckhannon Drops the “P-bomb” . . .

It just gets curiouser!   IOP Election 2013 - 

Even if you haven’t received Ryan Buckhannon’s email pleasuring you with his latest campaign advertisement – we will pleasure you with our latest critique.  Oh, Joy!  I think I just heard you say.

In his ad he dropped a “P-bomb” on Isle of Palms Mayor Dick Cronin, his opponent in this weeks election.  The P is for Pelosi – Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader in the US House of Reps.


The advertisement, with captioned photos of Ms Pelosi and of Mayor Cronin, is designed to insinuate that Pelosi and Cronin speak the same language.  Continue Reading. . .

IOP Campaign Puffery – 2013

Ryan Buckhannon’s recently published campaign literature states that City Council has ‘unanimously’ endorsed ‘his’ recommendations for resolving island IOPDAILY parking problems.  Several council members were not amused.  One called the statement purposefully misleading.  Another said it was ‘an un-truth . . . characteristic self-puffery.’ 

The candidate, puffing right along, also claims credit for developing the IOP Recreation Center; for reorganizing the police and fire departments; for saving billions annually in the IOP budget while decrying the evils of government at every turn.  ‘IOP Government Mirrors the Broken Federal System,’ he has said in his best fire-breathing Tea Party style rant.

One wants to know if he accomplished all these wondrous things before or after he invented the internet!    Continue Reading . . .

Island Values . . .

  TRUTH OF THE DAY “You can see a lot by just watching” Casey Stengel 

SNAPSHOT:  The Tourist Rental Business – 2013
Goose or Albatross – who profits, who doesn’t?

Members of the Island’s rental business lobby, well represented on City Council, have famously asserted that tourist rentals are “the goose that laid the golden egg for IOP” and, even more famously, that “they are the best thing to ever happen on the Isle of Palms.”

Are those bold pronouncements anything more than self-interested marketing pitches?  If so, this ‘best thing to ever happen’ ought to be obvious to all and gratefully applauded by the homeowner resident community, yes?

One has to ask, is the increasingly transient character of IOP neighborhoods a ‘golden egg’ for which residents should be grateful?  (If gratitude is not the emotion you experience, you aren’t alone).        Continue Reading . . .  

The Candidates – IOP Elections 2013


TRUTH OF THE DAY Truth is in the Mind of the Believer!
” Government Doesn’t Work as Well
in Practice as it Does in Speeches ! 

Who’s on First . . . ?
Four candidates are running for four IOP City Council seats.  Two first-time candidates, Sandy Ferencz and Patrick Harrington have offered to fill seats being vacated by Doug Thomas and Sandy Stone – who have apparently plumbed the fulsome joys of public service, so called, and are retiring after one term.    Continue Reading

IOP Politics: General Principles

TRUTH OF THE DAY Truth is in the Mind of the Believer!

1.  Campaign Kick-off Announcements 101:
When a candidate announces that he’s running for office because of a desire to “give back . . .”  We should announce our intent to apply tar & feathers.  Giving back in political-speak usually occurs only after one is found to have converted campaign funds into personal use – and then, the ‘giving’ is at the behest of the SC Ethics Commission.  CONTINUE READING  


Freedom, Sexism & Big Government on IOP

                 ~ Unfair, Unbalanced & Politically Incorrect ~

The IOP political class is squabbling again and it could devolve into a proper
fricassee.  The squabble, deconstructed below, appears to be driven by the
ambitions of several on council to get a leg up in City Hall’s pecking order.
This is an election year and they mean to save us from ourselves – again.

Busily campaigning to convince us that IOP Government is out to wring the neck of our every freedom, opposing and defaming every act of the majority on City Council, the several, named below, are now agitating to repeal a long standing Island ordinance.

Eliminating the ordinance would restore one of our most cherished freedoms on the Isle of Palms – the long lost ‘right’ to raise chickens.
Chickens . . . really?  Please tell me this is a yoke 

Mr Cockyroo

The ambitious-ones, smarting from recent drubbings in their struggle to gain political glory –  including the failed effort to preserve our freedom to leave trash & recycle carts out in plain view – and the effort to roll back an ordinance regulating commercial advertising  (signs on vehicles, golf carts, etc.), primarily benefiting real estate company freedoms, they soldier on.

And, that other curious little drama, marketed as ‘Sofa Gate,’ clearly produced in a stumbling effort to scandalize City Hall and to embarrass others on their  enemies list.  It was a widely panned flop but not for their lack of effort to spin it to anyone who would listen.  Fortunately for the drama’s director and producers, the playbill didn’t list their names in the credits.

Now they’ve laid this new hatchling on our door step – their yard-bird gambit.
Perhaps we should call this one “pecker-gate.”  Continue Reading . . .

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